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May 14, 2022

Running Shoe Choice

Getting into a regular running routine or gearing up for a running event is a fun and exciting time! Make sure you are starting your training using an appropriate shoe which is suitable for you and your individual needs.

With the amount of research and development put into the sport of running these days, finding a good shoe to run in has never been easier. Here are a few things to think about regarding shoe choice selection which should help get you started.

If you need more help or information, it is always recommended you speak with a professional such as a Podiatrist or other appropriate health care worker who can select and fit running shoes correctly.

  • Is the length of the shoe right (left and right) correct? – make sure you have had your feet measured.
  • Is the width of the running shoe suitable for my foot posture? – narrow feet vs broad wide feet.
  • Does the toe box (front of shoe) area have enough width and depth for my feet?
  • Are my feet flat, neutral, or high arched?
  • What style of midsole support is best for me?
  • How comfortable are the shoes? Try them on! If they are not comfortable do not use them.
  • What socks will I wear with these runners?
  • If you use orthotics, will they be able to be used in these shoes?
  • What is my budget for running shoes?

The first run you do in your new runners should be fun and enjoyable, run at a comfortable pace. If you’re getting ready for a running marathon then it is advised that you have your shoes sorted a month before to allow enough time to ease into your new footwear.

All the best hunting for you next pair of runners!

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