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Biomechanical Assessments

When you book in an initial consultation at Northern Rivers Podiatry, we will use our years of experience, specialised training, and world class technology to provide an in-depth, personalised assessment of your foot biomechanics.

A biomechanical assessment is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. No referral is required.

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What is a Biomechanial Assessment?

A Biomechanical Assessment is a tailored analysis of your overall lower limb function alongside any concerns you might have. Using our world class technology and expertise, it gives us a clear overview of the underlying problems and the best treatment plans to pursue.

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When would I need a
Biomechanical Assessment?

A biomechanical assessment is useful when people have:

Contact our friendly reception team to book in a Biomechanical Assessment for yourself or loved one.

Heel Pain
General Foot Care
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What can I expect from a Biomechanical Assessment?

Biomechanical Assessments can include a range of assessments, physicals therapies and recommended treatment plans that will be tailored to suit each person’s foot health care.

During the appointment your podiatrist may:

Our team of podiatrists will be happy to consult with you and perform a biomechanical assessment for you or your loved one.

State of the art technology
for your foot health

Our Biomechanical Assessments utilise state of the art technology including 3D foot scans, video gait analysis and PodoSmart software for complex cases. Learn more about the world class technology that supports us to provide highest quality foot health care to our clients below, or simply find out first hand at our clinic.

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3D Foot Scans

“3D Scanning changed the way I prescribe orthotics” – Nathan Montgomery.

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Did you know that the average time to plaster cast a foot takes 11 minutes? A digital foot scan, which captures a representation of your foot in 3D takes less than 11 seconds!

We are living in a time where technology is progressing faster than ever and improving the way we live and work. Technology has improved in our field and so have our processes.

3D foot scanning is a consistent, cost effective and accurate way of obtaining a left and right capture of your foot morphology with the intent of designing and fitting a pair of prescription custom foot orthotics to aid with lower limb biomechanical dysfunction.

Our Podiatrists are genuine experts in custom foot orthotic design using 3D foot scanning. Additionally, our orthotic labs utilise 3D Printing technology, ensuring that you receive quality products that are made to the best industry standards available worldwide today.

With modern advances in technology, replicating the foot in a digital manner and transmitting the scan in a digital manner to our lab at iOrthotics is a distinct advantage. We can eliminate the need to use plaster impression casts, that can easily be crushed or deformed in boxes, lost or delayed in transit, or accidentally thrown out or misplaced.

3D foot scanning also increases efficiency by allowing the Podiatrist to re-order and replicate additional pairs of foot orthotics if and when patients require and request them.

So with time saved on taking casts and overall increased efficiency, 3D foot scanning for custom foot orthotics is a great service offered at both our Lismore & Casino podiatry clinics.

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Video Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis is a significant and useful clinical tool that our Podiatrists have access to and use daily in our clinic.

A walking or running sequence of your gait is captured using our software and then the recording can be broken down frame by frame in slow motion, allowing us to explain how particular areas of your foot, lower extremity and kinetic chain are either correctly or incorrectly loading and contributing to normal or abnormal forces and biomechanics.

Thorough objective gait and biomechanical analysis with clear and informed communication from Nathan and our team ensures that you get the most detailed information from your Biomechanical Assessment.


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Our clinic combines video gait analysis with PodoSmart software for complex needs patients or those who need an even more in-depth motion analysis.

PodoSmart uses artificial intelligence algorithms combined with intelligent insoles to help our Podiatrists detect mobility disorders through motion analysis.

Our Podiatrists can use and interpret PodoSmart technology to perform either walking or running assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. At our Lismore Clinic all Podiatrists are classified as primary health care providers; meaning you do not need a GP referral to book in an appointment.

If attending the clinic for the first time, our experienced and helpful reception staff will make contact informing you of the supportive practicalities to best help you with your care. Generally, we recommend that if you are coming in for an initial assessment or biomechanical assessment that you:

  • Bring a selection of your current footwear
  • Bring relevant x-rays or scans
  • Bring current orthotics or any you may have used in the past
  • Dress in loose-fitting and comfortable clothing.

Patients attending Northern Rivers Podiatry should note that we are a private billing practice with consultation ranging from a minimum fee of $80.00 - $193.99 for initial appointments. It is our policy that payment for your consultation be made up front. Fees may be paid by cash, EFTPOS (cheque or savings) or Credit Card.

Those with a valid doctor issued Enhanced Primary Care Plan can claim the current Medicare rebate of $53.80. In most cases, we can lodge for this amount to be electronically transferred into your bank account on the day of your appointment. Funds are usually transferred within 24 hours.

Yes, we provide a home visit service. These appointments are usually done outside our normal clinical schedule and incur an upfront fee of $200.00. On top of this fee, you will incur the charges for regular appointments and service types required which will be billed to you at the discretion of the Podiatrist providing treatment. If the above aligns with your needs, please call us to discuss further.

Our Podiatrists are not registered with the NDIS but can still see a range of NDIS patients who are self-managed or plan managed provided they meet the criteria outlined in our NDIS Prerequisite Form. Our Podiatrists have a niche for treating and working with people who have disabilities and our clinical facilities are excellent providing:

  • on-site disability parking in our private carpark
  • ease of access through our disability friendly clinic
  • specially equipped disabled toilet facilities.

Podiatry care is usually covered under a person’s extras cover in private health insurance policies. We recommend checking with your private health insurance provider prior to the appointment to find out if your level of cover is eligible to receive a rebate. Of course, if you need help with item numbers and our costs, you can phone reception and speak with our friendly reception team.

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