Importance of Foot Posture

    People need to be aware of how their foot posture affects their body. Some people have high arched (cavus) feet, while others have flat arched (planus) feet. Then there is all the fall between those that are high arched or flat footed.

    Why is it important?

    Well, some people can find it difficult to fit into certain shoes, or have trouble with walking and running. This can be linked to your foot posture.

    What can I do?

    If you feel the need to have your feet looked at and assessed by a health professional, a Podiatrist can give you an accurate and detailed foot posture assessment. Perhaps you have bunions or heel spurs that are linked to your flat feet!


    When should I get my orthotics checked?

    Have you had orthotics for a few years and not returned for a foot health assessment within the past twelve months? You might be due to attend an appointment with your Podiatrist. Keeping on top of your foot health by having annual foot health reviews is important and allows for you orthotics to be checked and monitored so that you are getting the most support for your feet and body.

    Over the course of time, orthotic covering materials can wear down due to regular use, some people don’t need new insoles, just a repair. A Podiatrist can determine this and offer you great advice on how best to move forward with your foot health and foot supports.

    Are my shoes the correct size?

    Each day in the clinic, many patients are being told that they are wearing the incorrect shoe size.

    Things to look out for include:

    • Toe box width, depth and fit
    • Length of shoe for foot (some people have a size or so difference)
    • Appropriate sole
    • Supportive heel counter
    • Lace up vs slip on
    • Upper material style – if you have a bunion and the toe box has triple stitching on the joint line, you may run into trouble
    • That each foot is accurately measured – in our clinics we use a Brannock device
    • Foot morphology – a big broad foot is not going to fit a narrow sandal
    • Kids feet and selecting a supportive shoe
    • Adults feet – for example post pregnancy, some womens feet change affecting the size shoe they should wear post pregnancy.

    If you think you need help fitting your shoes correctly – book in to speak with Nathan our Podiatrist today!