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General Foot & Toenail Care

Do you have sore feet or toes, but you’re not too sure what’s going on?
Most patients come to Northern Rivers Podiatry seeking general foot care alongside an assessment from a podiatrist.

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Time to treat your feet to
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Most people don’t think about podiatry or specialist foot care until their feet, toes or toenails start calling out for help. Often the worst thing to do is try to fix ingrown toenails or foot conditions at home. When it comes to foot care, experience alongside specialist training really makes the world of difference. At Northern Rivers Podiatry, you can treat your feet to world class care, right in your backyard.

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General Foot Care

Feet are under pressure all day getting you from A to B by walking and even running. All too often our feet can even be squashed into tight fitting shoes or kept in damp footwear when out and about in the wet weather.

All these daily factors and more can lead to common foot conditions such as:

If you can sense that something is not quite right with your feet, then don’t delay and get professional support to nip any developing issues in the bud.

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Toenail Care

If you’re unable to self-manage your own toenail care, then it’s a relief to know a medical professional is on hand to support. At Northern Rivers Podiatry we provide toenail trimming as a one-off support, or on a regular basis.

If you or someone you love is experiencing poor health, has a disability, is heavily pregnant or recovering from an injury then getting professional assistance with toenail care can be a welcomed support.

At Northern Rivers Podiatry we follow the strictest infection control guidelines and provide professional best practice toenail care services for all age groups and demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. At our Lismore Clinic all Podiatrists are classified as primary health care providers; meaning you do not need a GP referral to book in an appointment.

If attending the clinic for the first time, our experienced and helpful reception staff will make contact informing you of the supportive practicalities to best help you with your care. Generally, we recommend that if you are coming in for an initial assessment or biomechanical assessment that you:

  • Bring a selection of your current footwear
  • Bring relevant x-rays or scans
  • Bring current orthotics or any you may have used in the past
  • Dress in loose-fitting and comfortable clothing.

Patients attending Northern Rivers Podiatry should note that we are a private billing practice with consultation ranging from a minimum fee of $80.00 - $193.99 for initial appointments. It is our policy that payment for your consultation be made up front. Fees may be paid by cash, EFTPOS (cheque or savings) or Credit Card.

Those with a valid doctor issued Enhanced Primary Care Plan can claim the current Medicare rebate of $53.80. In most cases, we can lodge for this amount to be electronically transferred into your bank account on the day of your appointment. Funds are usually transferred within 24 hours.

Yes, we provide a home visit service. These appointments are usually done outside our normal clinical schedule and incur an upfront fee of $200.00. On top of this fee, you will incur the charges for regular appointments and service types required which will be billed to you at the discretion of the Podiatrist providing treatment. If the above aligns with your needs, please call us to discuss further.

Our Podiatrists are not registered with the NDIS but can still see a range of NDIS patients who are self-managed or plan managed provided they meet the criteria outlined in our NDIS Prerequisite Form. Our Podiatrists have a niche for treating and working with people who have disabilities and our clinical facilities are excellent providing:

  • on-site disability parking in our private carpark
  • ease of access through our disability friendly clinic
  • specially equipped disabled toilet facilities.

Podiatry care is usually covered under a person’s extras cover in private health insurance policies. We recommend checking with your private health insurance provider prior to the appointment to find out if your level of cover is eligible to receive a rebate. Of course, if you need help with item numbers and our costs, you can phone reception and speak with our friendly reception team.

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