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Children's Podiatry

Are your kids expressing that their feet or toes hurt? Taking care of our foot health is essential for people of all ages, especially babies, young children and teens.
Childrens Podiatry Foot Care Lismore
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Podiatry Lismore & Casino

At Northern Rivers Podiatry we treat every child with a friendly, attentive and personalised approach. We love working with children. Their sweetness, honesty and sense of humour always lights up our clinic. We combine a warm child friendly environment with the very best care modern medicine can provide. Our state-of-the-art technology will ensure your children are fitted with the best footwear suited to their feet, custom orthotics or to nip that developing condition in the bud so they are free to be healthy, active and live their full potential.

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What to expect

Our Children’s Podiatry service includes assessment and treatment of a range of conditions including:

Our lead podiatrist Nathan Montgomery is a young father himself and is dedicated to excellence. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with the team at Northern Rivers Podiatry and you will see first-hand why we are known amongst local parents as being the go-to children’s podiatrist in Lismore and its beautiful surrounds.

Children's podiatry
for babies and toddlers

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The moment when a new baby arrives, it’s like the world stops in its tracks. They are so precious in every way, from their delicate hands all the way down to their tiny little feet.

It’s important to know that a baby can have bowed legs and flat arches, which is pretty common and harmless. That said, in some cases it could be an early indication of foot problems down the track. So how do you know if your baby or toddler needs to see a podiatrist?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you should book an appointment with us:
  • If there is an asymmetrical appearance of the bowing between the two legs
  • If they are experiencing foot, knee, or even hip pain
  • If they have short stature (below the fifth percentile)
  • If there is limping when walking
  • If the bowlegs continue to get worse after they turn 2

When at the hospital with a newborn or GP for monthly check-ups and vaccinations babies will get their hearing, weight, length and eyesight checked, but rarely their feet. We always trust a parent’s instinct if they feel something isn’t quite right. So if you have any concerns whatsoever, it’s definitely a great idea to book an appointment and we will properly assess their foot function and development. 

Riding out an undiagnosed and untreated foot condition can impact so many areas of a young person’s life, stopping them from being active and running around with their friends, engaging in physical exercise and can cause structural issues in the hips and lower back that further impact their mobility.

Keep your ears and eyes out for any signs of limping, loss of balance or complaints of pain in the feet and legs. Checking in with a highly qualified podiatrist means you can rest easy knowing that a proper diagnosis and action plan will be provided for your loved one.

Children's podiatry for
primary school children


Children's podiatry
for teenagers


It feels like teenagers grow before our very eyes as they morph into the adult version of themselves. All those hormones, growth spurts and increased physical activity can lead to a large variety of foot and lower limb issues.

It’s very common for teenagers to experiences Sever’s disease (heal pain), flatfeet, plantar warts, ingrown toenails and foot and ankle complaints. Getting proper treatment as soon as possible means that these issues don’t follow your teen into their adult life.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our valued patients at Northern Rivers Podiatry range from ages 0 to 100+. Believe it or not, there is no age barrier for when someone might need to consult with a foot health care practitioner. Common newborn foot issues can include clubfoot deformity, rigid/flexible flatfoot or overlapping toes as just some examples. So if you have any concerns, it is wise to get a medical diagnosis and proper treatment swiftly. Our Podiatrists from our Lismore Clinic offer excellent up-to-date information and care for every age group.

No. At our Lismore Clinic all Podiatrists are classified as primary health care providers; meaning you do not need a GP referral to book in an appointment.

The answer is both. Both types of medical practitioners can address your child’s toenail problem. That said, general practitioners (GPs) deal with a very large scope of physical conditions within their daily practice. Our Lismore podiatrists treat feet and toenails on a daily basis, so have a wealth of experience and specialised training.

The first thing to share is that children will have the motivation to walk when they are physically and mentally ready. Children can start walking within such a wide timeframe, anywhere between 10 to 18 months or even earlier or later.

Shoes are really not needed inside as wearing them or even just socks can make it more difficult to stay balanced. Babies love using their toes to grip onto the floor. We totally understand that it isn’t practical or safe for your little one to be trotting in public spaces barefoot. In these instances make sure your shoe choice has good grip and is made from natural fibres so the feet stay cool and not too sweaty. Also make sure they are light and have enough space for the toes, but not too much space that they fall off easily.

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