Northern Rivers Podiatry – Lismore Clinic

    Our clinic is located at 46 Jubilee St, Lismore NSW 2480 and is a part of The Lismore Health Hub.

    This makes for an ideal setting to see and treat patients in a unique environment with exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, speech pathologist and massage therapists all working in the same location to promote excellent health care.

    Lismore is located in the heart of the Northern Rivers and the clinic hours cater to everyone. From the person with a busy schedule, evening and weekend appointments are available, to the early riser, morning appointments start at 8AM. For those with kids, plenty of time after school or on the weekend to get your little ones feet seen to!

    “Lismore is a beautiful place to live and work, I love what I do and where I am able to to do it” – Nathan Montgomery.